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Are Halloween props allowed? 

No guns/knives/sharp objects/weapon like props. Blow up/stuffed animals ok. IF IT COULD HURT SOMEONE it is not allowed

What kind of bags are allowed? 

No backpacks or large bags. Small personal bags allowed. 

Can I upgrade my ticket to VIP at door?


What is the difference between VIP and GA?

VIP area has VIP bathrooms, bars, backstage and even dance floor.

Can I bring a camera? 

Professional cameras are not permitted in the venue, nor is flash photography/videography of any form (yes, includes your phone).


Is there official parking?

No, ride share advised.

Can you enter with a non US ID?

Yes, along with a photo of your passport.

Can a passport be shown instead of an ID?

Physical passport, yes. 

Are water bottles of any kind allowed

Empty/refillable ones are permitted.


If I bought a before 10pm ticket and don't make it on time, what happens?

There will be a late fee at door.

Is there re-entry to the festival? 

With an ANYTIME ticket or VIP ticket.

I'm having an issue with my ticket, can you help?

If there are ticket issues they contact dice before or ask for supervisor at the door.

What are the age restrictions?



Does the name need to match my ticket? 


What forms of payment do you accept at the festival? 

No cash. Credit cards and Apple Pay.

Is there ADA access?


What happens if it rains?

Rain or shine.

Are there refillable water stations?


Can I upgrade to VIP?

You can upgrade to vip through the DICE app.

Smoking allowed?



Food and water?


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